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Our Mission


Ethiopian Community Services, Inc., a non-profit organization located in Santa Clara County, is committed to enhancing the quality of life of Ethiopians. The organization’s vision is to see  an integrated and sustainable Ethiopian community that positively contributes to society.

  The primary objectives and purposes of the corporation shall be:

  • To promote cultural preservation and unity

  • To promote social, economic, and political integration

  • To facilitate a platform that advances healthcare, education, immigration, and advocacy

  • To connect our community with resources that support economic development and empowerment


Program Focus Areas





History & Culture







     Of the millions forced to flee Ethiopia in the 1980’s due to the political change, Santa Clara County has become home to approximately 25,000 Ethiopians. In addition, in the 1990’s hundred more recipients of the diversity visa lottery have made San Jose their home largely because of the already existing large population of Ethiopians, opportunity of employment and weather. To begin meeting some of the needs of these impoverished people, Ethiopian Community Services, Inc. (ECS) was established on April 5, 1991 as a not-for-profit organization. 

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